Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Doubt is the foundation of Faith

At a spiritual event I casually remarked "I don't believe all that swamiji/guruji said is relevant in today's outlook." At once there were ripples around the crowd & I could see 2 kinds of initial reactions from people around me.

  1. First reaction received was of anger & contempt. It felt like they were angry with me for spoiling their feel-good factor, diminishing their aura of spiritual nirvana attained.
  2. Second reaction(even more severe) was of panic and fear. It felt like they suddenly did not want to be associated or even stand next to a non - believer. If others saw them consorting with a non - believer their own value in guruji's inner circle would decrease. Or worse what if guruji himself found out that they associated with a non - believer. Disastrous!!!
We all assume that religious faith has to be unquestionable. If you question anyone's religious beliefs then you are a very stupid person or worse an Atheist. To these people I say "Philosophies can exist without ideologies, and ideologies can exist without religions. Forming an opinion doesn't make you religious by default."

To the Believers "Doubt" is not acceptable. However people seem to have forgotten that "Doubt" was and has been the catalyst that ushered in major faiths in the world today.

Let's take a few examples:
  • Most famous instance of doubt has to be attributed to Arjuna, to reaffirm his faith in his duty/karma, Lord Krishna gave us the Bhagavad Gita. In fact Arjuna not convinced even after all the reasoning given by Lord Krishna, who had to resort to a showing him a Miracle(his true self, encompassing all creation).
  • Divinity of Jesus of Nazareth was also doubted by his followers who at various instances demand to see proof, vide Miracles, provided by Jesus of Nazareth at times. Even "Mother Theresa" was granted benefaction and not Sainthood as it requires 3 proved miracles by the church.
  • Some versions of historical documents tell us that after the prophet Muhammad received revelation on the mountain near Mecca, he came down from the mountain full of "Awe" not believing what had happened to him. It took him time to fully comprehend the Lord's message & the realize that it was in fact god who had spoken to him.
But ask any fundamentalist and he would say there is never doubt in his mind regarding the Lord's divinity. For such is the nature of "Blind Faith" as it leaps without question.

Divinity is the result of Faith. Doubts once satisfied give us absolute conviction for true Faith.

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Has Science Finally Proved that God Exists???

Our oldest Hindu scriptures "Vedas", written 1500 years BCE, deliver only a singular message repeatedly:

I am the creator & I am the creation
I am everything & everything is in me

This was never clear to me as to why would someone write repeatedly & consistently say the same thing which was so simple. I ignorantly assumed that it was because in that age people were simple minded & needed to be cajoled. But the irony is that all our scientific progress has taken us further away from understanding the simple truth.

GOD is literally Everything & Everywhere.... There are NO Exceptions!!! Now you will say how God can create & reside in Falsehood, in lies, sins, hell, evil & darkness? Surely god cannot lie or be a Lie?

Let me give you some food for thought from Hindu Mythology:

Ramayana: Lord Rama told his charioteer to lie to his father that the charioteer did not hear his king’s command to turn the chariot back to Ayodhya & not take Lord Ram to the forest for exile.

Mahabharata: Lord Krishna told Yudhisthira to lie when Drona asked him about the death of his son Ashwathama & blew his couch at the very moment Yudhisthira said “the elephant” to distort the truth, leading the undefeatable warrior Drona to lay down his arms.

Only God himself can be free of duality. For if he is truly god only then for him there are no rights/wrongs, positives/negatives or cause/effect. In fact he is duality because he encompasses all. Duality is an Illusion created by us because we don't want to believe that our god is also cruel or allows for cruelty or suffering.

Mythology aside let’s get down to Science: In science there have always been absolutes, over time these Absolutes have been shattered. Let's examine a few:

  • The concept that the Earth flat & was at the centre of the universe dates geocentric universe: dates back to at least 600 B.C.
  • Continental drift was proposed in the 1920-30s by Alfred Wegner, but was totally dismissed until the 1960s when it ushered in plate tectonics.
  • Stress theory of ulcers — it turns out they are due to infection with Heliobacter pylori. Barry Marshall won Nobel Prize for that.
  • Conventional belief was the eye evolved many, many times. Then they discovered the PAX genes that regulate eyes and are found throughout the animal kingdom — eyes evolved ONCE.
  • Geoffrey St. Hillare was a French scientist who had a theory that invertebrates and vertebrates shared a common body plan. He was widely dismissed until the HOX genes were discovered.

Silence denotes absence of sound. This was proven false by the discovery of the cosmic microwave background (CMB), an almost-uniform background of radio waves that fill the universe. The CMB is, in effect, the leftover light of the Big Bang itself, which over time has stretched out to become radio waves. Evidence to this can be witnessed simply on any TV/Radio set which when not tuned to a particular frequency shows "Snow/distortion, its actually poor quality reception of the CMB. Hence there is no place/frequency which is silent in the universe. In fact all Particles themselves have their own Frequency/Music.

Space donates absence of Matter. This absolute was also shattered by the discovery of the "higgs-boson" particle. Which is present universally and gives all matter mass. Basically its what gives space it's mass!!! Ironic isn't it??? The Higgs-boson field made it possible for all matter to come together & resistance levels of different particles, to this field, gave them their different masses. Also these particles travel faster than light, so that's another absolute that nothing can travel faster than light, Shattered.

In fact Newton's laws of gravity had to be completely rewritten by Albert Einstein's "theory of general relativity" because it failed to correctly explain Mercury's elliptical orbit around the sun. Einstein's theory stated that a massive gravitational field will bend "spacetime", curving it. This denotes that space is not intangible but something that can be bent/pulled. Which now falls perfectly in line with the "higgs-boson" field. 

Darkness denotes absence of Light. As we are aware energy cannot be created or destroyed thus all matter has it's own inert energy or heat. All atoms have their own internal inertia generating heat. This heat signature is present in all matter but is so minuscule that we cannot see it with our naked eye, this Is the non - visible spectrum of Light. Scientists perceived that at absolute zero(-273.15°Celsius) if we stop all movement then matter will have no heat. No heat means no light hence darkness. This stood true till early 2013 when scientists made a gas that could breach the absolute zero barrier. Now absolute darkness is not possible not in black holes, not @ absolute zero. There will always be heat/energy everywhere.

So in conclusion in the universe there is no place/thing devoid of sound, matter & light(energy). In retrospect God literally is everything & in everything.

There is no void. Hence no place were god doesn't exist.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Are we designed to eat Meat???

It's human nature to instinctively defend our choices in life. No one likes to be told they have lived their whole life believing something which was not true, hence the massive defensive argument ensues,  which also entails defending something as mundane as our eating habits.

Let's take up the facts: Human beings by design are anatomical designed to be herbivores.

Distinctive features of carnivores:
•In nature all carnivores  have "canine" teeth. With the single function to bite into it's prey for killing or paralyzing. Humans have canine teeth but they are not "true canine" teeth.

•Carnivores are also designed to have the ability to open their mouths as larger than their face to facilitate large kill area and quick consumption of meat.

•Carnivores do Not chew their food. It's either consumed whole or sized down to swallow. Only Herbivores chew their food & release digestive saliva in their mouth to partially digest the food before ingesting.

Since humans don't and never had any of the above traits hence we are not even Omnivorous.

The China Study by Professor Campbell states that meat and fat are causing the epidemic of degenerative diseases that we see in the West. The China Study is revered as the Rosetta Stone of the vegan creed, oft-cited as prima facie evidence for the superiority of a meat and dairy-free diet.

Now there is enough evidence to support that Milk if not "Breast Milk" is never fully absorbed by the human body & is passed through our digestive system largely undigested. The calcium which is needed for bone development is only required in large amounts during infancy, post which we can consume the required quantities through green vegetables.

For my own reasoning, I just look at nature. there is no adult species that drinks milk past adolescence. If nature says NO, it is only human ego which replies say "Yes I will because I Can."

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Daily Horoscope from Hell

Today morning was a shocker!!! Rummaging through My Daily Horoscope I suddenly felt a chill down my spine…. It said…… “A minor issue will be blown out of proportion by Rivals. There will be a crisis at work today but try to stay calm”.

I was like…… Whaaaattttt?

Nevertheless I spent the entire day in Office – putting off important decisions & double checking my work, sure that someone was going to backstab me……

Help!!! I am spending the entire day in Paranoia……

Are you also one of those who religiously look at their daily horoscope in the paper for prediction of the events which will unfold today? Then you go through the day with a mindset to either be cautious of an unseen enemy or waiting for the situation to spiral out of control……

It is even more surprising how specific these daily predications have become:

“Things will not work out for you; take patience in letting the events unfold before taking a decision.”

“Control expenses and invest wisely. Today Financial transactions should be handled with care.”

What I wish for is a more pleasant forecast like…… “Today there is a possibility of the love connection you have been waiting for. Passion can be at an all time High.”……

Saturday, February 7, 2009

To part or not to part, that is the Question

I know at least two of my fiends who are currently in a relationship with LOSER boys & the worst part of it is that they know it too. Still they do not have the courage to break it off with them or even if they do it’s always a ‘last Chance’ for him........

`Babe` is Uber Rich, fashionable, sensible, full of life, humorous, straightforward & more importantly has a good heart but is shy of her looks (she being a bit on the heavier side or as I would call it Pleasantly Plump).

`Kiki` is independent, successful, great dresser, just gorgeous & has a close friends list that will make a Top Delhi socialite jealous, she is not approachable. Her confidence is her nemesis as she will not even talk to you till you have been formally introduced & approved by a confidant.

What both of them have in common is that they are in their early thirties, both believe that society expects women in their age bracket to be committed to someone and that it is better to have a man in you life than none at all. So they continue in their paltry relationships hoping of a brighter future.

I really want an answer on this do you have to be in relationship for the heck of it? Or is there really a dearth of Sincere eligible Men out there…….?

R u searching for Mr. Right or Mr. Good enough for right now?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rail Rendezvous

Call it Luck by Chance if you will……

Recently I attended a friends wedding in Shimla. On my way back after stashing my luggage in the overhead compartment I proceeded to join my Friends in the other compartment Clueless that a recent development in train security was baggage identification by RPF personnel to ensure that no unclaimed baggage was present on the train after departure. Needless to say I came back to face a suspicious Policeman, an irritant TC, many suspicious tourists and a score of angry passengers.

Calming them down was easer said than done. One tour guide in order to impress his group was planning to throw my luggage out from the moving train. Finally after much apology I sank back in my seat resolute not to get off till I reach Delhi.

It was after Chandigarh Station that my luck started to change; I was deeply engrossed in reading a fiction Novel when I heard a voice softly murmuring to me:

Girl: Hi! I am sorry to interrupt your reading but the person sitting next to me appears to be drunk. If there is no one traveling with you, can I sit next to you till Delhi?

Me: Sure! Is he being rude to you? If he is I can take care of it. 

Girl: No he is just annoying me… I don’t think it’s worth it. I just want to get to home in Peace & Quite. Thanks!!!

She sits down besides me & I being forewarned that a chit-chat is not what she wanted kept my eyes glued to my book.

Suddenly about 5 minutes later, I hear a shrill laugh.

I realize that she has read the title of my book and now has an insight into my mental level. She had approached me because in the first look I seemed to be a sincere & stable chap but now she had her doubts after seeing what I was reading – a book titled “Of course I love you, till I find someone better”.

Girl: So how many have you dumped till now?.........

Me: Excuse me???? This is just a travel read not my way of life. I am a very dependable person, beside the fact that I am currently between relationships……

Girl: HA Ha ha…… Like right now you are between me and the Drunk Dude.

Me: Is this any way to treat your Knight in Shining Armor?

Girl: sorry……Sir Knight but these days women do their own Butt–Kicking.  And do I refer to you as Sir Knight or do you actually have a name?

Me: sorry!!! Where are my manners – Hi!!! I am Joy

Girl: *Giggle* and My Name is Sneha

After that the journey was a Pleasure with us conversing like old friends. When Delhi station came we exchanged numbers and parted ways with a promise to keep in touch. And so we have as good friends should……

Have you also met a Good friend in such an unusual way?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Let the Celebrations Continue

Hey All…… Hope you all had a fabulous time bringing in 2009

Its time 4 me 2 come out of Hibernation and continue my Blog Spree……

Where did you party this New Year? This is the question on everyone’s lips these days when I meet people. The expected answer is always a night club or one of the happening pay parties.  But this time around quite a few people surprised me by saying that they were at home with their family.

It’s so refreshing to know that we have started spending time with our loved ones at celebrations. I firmly believe that being caught up with everyday life we tend to forget just how important is it to keep in touch with our loved ones.

Remember Home is not a room with 4 walls; it is wherever the people who love you Live……

Have a great 2009………Cheers!!!...........